Picture of the Master Removal Unit of an RZ970 E

In this tutorial, you'll be guided through the necessary steps to change broken/ripped/missing Master Removal Belts on a RZ970 E (working for the RZ990 and possibly other RZ types as well). It's an issue that happens quite often and you might not want to call a technician every time. Just order the replacement belts (basically very strong rubber bands you can also get in a hardware store) and follow the steps below.

This tutorial applies to MZ/EZ/RZ drums. The purpose of this tutorial is to clean and prep a drum to change the color. This tutorial simply shows taking apart and cleaning the drum for new ink. Cleaning the drum instead of trying to flush out the old color with new ink will save you a lot of ink and paper.

Please note: I am not a certified Riso tech. This method has worked for me through trial and error and reading through the technical manuals. Find a clean work space and lay down some kraft/butcher paper because it will be messy!