Replacing the Master Removal Belts (RZ970 E)

Picture of the Master Removal Unit of an RZ970 E

In this tutorial, you'll be guided through the necessary steps to change broken/ripped/missing Master Removal Belts on a RZ970 E (working for the RZ990 and possibly other RZ types as well). It's an issue that happens quite often and you might not want to call a technician every time. Just order the replacement belts (basically very strong rubber bands you can also get in a hardware store) and follow the steps below. Other than with some older machines, you cannot access the Master Removal Unit from the top but must pull it out from the front. It takes about an hour and is easy to accomplish if you have some minimal technical understanding. Good luck!


Step 1 (Removing the Front Cover)

First, you need to remove the front cover. There are two screws on the paper tray-side.

Step 1.1

Two on the exit tray-side.

Step 1.2

and five screws on the "operator side" (aka the side when standing in the front of the Riso). Open the front door to access them.

Step 1.3

Now pull the front cover carefully away from the Riso and set it aside for now.

Step 2 (Removing the Master Removal Unit)

Remove the Master Disposal Box and unscrew the two plastic covers on the left & right side. Set them aside.

Step 2.1

Now remove the two screws left and right which lie underneath the plastic covers.

Step 2.2

On the operator side, you need to disconnect two connectors (red circles). The lower one is quite easy, just gently pull and wiggle the plastic connector out. The top one is trickier because it sits in the connector firmly. First, remove the two pegs that keep the cable attached to the chassis (green circles) — by doing that, you have a little more flexibility in pulling the cable towards you.

Step 2.3

This is the top connector unplugged. It's easiest to grab it where the red circles indicate and slowly wiggle it out.

Step 2.4

Unscrew the screw on the operator side of the Master Removal Unit to detach it from the chassis.

Step 2.5

Now carefully pull out the Master Removal Unit towards you while standing in front of the Riso. Make sure to keep it level to avoid wedging.

Step 2.6

Place the Master Removal with the back facing downwards on a surface that can get smudgy.

Step 3 (Removing the Upper Master Removal Roller and the Pulley Shaft)

In order to being able to put in the new removal belts, you need to detach the Pulley Shaft (upper) and the Master Removal Roller (lower) from the Master Removal Unit (MRU).

Step 3.1

First, take off the three snap rings that hold the cog wheel and the Rollers in place.

Step 3.2

Take off the two cogwheels and set them aside.

Step 3.3

Once the snap rings are gone, you can pull the Roller and the Pulley Shaft to the left (through the holes) and they will pop out off their holes on the right.

Step 3.4

You can leave the Pulley Shaft and the Upper Master Removal Roller attached to the MRU on the left side (red circles), that way you can thread the rubber bands on easier.

Be aware of the spring (green circle). It pushes against the Upper Master Removal Roller while it is in place and untightens once you remove the Roller. When you put it back, make sure the spring is tensioned again.

Step 4 (Fitting the Removal Belts/Bands)

While holding the Pulley Shaft, fiddle the rubber bands on. Make sure they go over the Pulley Shaft and the Upper Master Removal Roller.

Move the rubber bands next to their respective little wheels.

Step 4.1

You don't need to fit the rubber bands on the wheels yet, just put them next to each wheel and reassemble the Pulley Shaft and the Upper Master Removal Roller.

Step 4.2

As mentioned before, make sure the tension springs are in their respective notch on the Upper Master Removal Roller!

Step 4.3

On the left side, put the snap rings back in place, also making sure that they fit in the notch provided for them in order to stay in place.

Step 4.4

Once the Pulley Shaft and the Upper Master Removal Roller are mounted, fit the rubber bands on the four sets of transport wheels (each set consists of three wheels).

Step 5

Now follow the steps backwards to fit the MRU back into the Riso.

Make sure to reconnect the cables!

Before you re-attach the front cover, turn on the Riso in Test Mode (that way it won't give you an error code that the front cover is missing) and run #0080 (Test Print A — Checkered) to see if the Master removal works. Afterwards, put on the front cover and hope that no screws are left over. 

Done! Wasn't that hard, was it?

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