Monster Workshop 怪獸工坊

Monster Workshop™ is a new independent publication studio with 「Letterpress」 and 「Risograph」 printing. Provide special printing process support and guidance for illustrators and designers.
Work with us to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN and carry them on to the end.

怪兽工坊™ 是一间以「Letterpress 活版印刷」和「Risograph 孔版印刷」为主的独立出版及平面设计工作室。
Make Good Things Happen,和我们一起制造美好,并将美好进行到底。

- Risograph Printing 孔版印刷
- Letterpress Printing 活版印刷
- Indie Publishing 独立出版
[email protected].com
Based in Beijing, P.R.China, 2018

Instagram: @monsterworkshop_studio
Weibo 微博: @怪兽工坊MonsterWorkshop
WeChat Official: 怪兽工坊

Taobao 淘宝: 怪兽工坊MonsterWorkshop
Pinkoi: 怪獸工坊MonsterWorkshop

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