Riso Drum Color Stickers

Riso Drum Color Stickers

If you're like me, you've got some drums that have been changed to different colors and the labels have gotten ripped-off, hand-drawn and sloppy. What's an OCD Risographer to do when the original stickers are nigh impossible to find? 

You print this template for $1.50 USD at FedEx Office (or on your own printer) and cut them yourself!  Download the template here (.zip)


  • The Illustrator file uses layers so you can easily modify the template to print custom colors. 
  • The small labels are useful for some Riso models (e.g. RP3700), but not all.
  • I mostly used the CMYK colors from Stencil Wiki, but they may not be 100% accurate. They are close…
  • The size of the labels requires printing 100%, so if you're printing on non-letter size paper, keep that in mind.
  • Sorry, I could not add the Japanese letters but if someone wants to send me vector shapes for each color, I’d be glad to update it!


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