Riso Color Guide, 2005

The below is a 300DPI Scan of the Official Riso Standard and Special Edition Color Guide, Published in 2005.

This particular copy of this promotional/sales publication was packaged with our Riso MZ790 which was purchased during a public auction from a school district in Colorado. The book features annotations throughout from their print technician / district manager noting colors they wanted to purchase. The publication itself was printed Riso and is one-sided in nature. Being that it's from 2005, it's a bit outdated in its S-Numbers and lacking in its current color range.

I'm scanning this as further documentation and reference against the RGB color swatches, which I personally don't like as a reference and think confuse people.
Obviously this is still scanned so doesn't capture the full physical quality of the inks, but maybe it's helpful somehow.

This document was scanned on an Epson 10000XL and collected into a PDF with Adobe Acrobat. It has not been color corrected so all the swatches stay relative to each other in the scanner gamut range.


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