How-to: Remove a stuck drum from a Riso RP3700

What to do if you have drum stuck in your RP 3700 that is not in the right position.

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open up the top and remove back cover
Remove the 5 screws that hold the metal plate with all the electronics on it in place
Disconnect the small purple and the large orange cable
Fold the electronics plate to the side
There is a large spring behind the electricity box. If it is not tensioned, use a screw driver to stretch it until it locks in place
Locate the the drive belt
Bring the drum back to home position

Look for the aligning holes in the top left of the plate covering the drive belt

Carefully remove the drum
Check the home position from the front

Look for the drum knuckle in the back, towards the left. it looks like this: {}

Remove the master from the drum and manually bring it to its home position
Bring electronics back in place and reconnect the cables.
Turn on the machine in test mode (hold <- and -> while flipping the switch).
Run Test program 80
Turn off machine and load a drum
Turn on machine normally and do a test print

Danger: Always bring the machine back to its home position before running any prints to avoid serious damage!

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