How-to: Convert Z-type Color Drums

Procedure for converting the color of a Z-type drum. Steps 1 - 9 also work when machine does not recogonize a correctly installed ink tube.


Insert new ink tube
Turn the Riso on in Test Mode

Hold down the left and right position arrows while turning on the power. For MZ machines, use first position drum arrows

Enter 117

This tells it that it is a ledger size drum

Push “Start”
Push “Stop”
Enter 890

This tells the Riso to recognize newly installed ink tube

Push “Start”
Push “Stop”
Press "Reset" to return to exit Test Mode
Open the glass top lid and take a "sky shot"

A "sky shot" is simply a scan with nothing on it. Sometimes it helps to put a 1" - 2" strip of paper on the feed side of the scanner to help prevent the printed image from wrapping around the drum because of too much ink on the lead edge.

Run as many copies as it takes to fully convert drum to the new color

Usually more than 500.

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