Fine Adjust Mode

You can use increments of 0.1 mm to move the drums if you turn on Fine Adjust Mode. This works well if you’re registering with a magnifying loupe. (This is the one Amelia uses.)

First, you need to add this new menu option under Functions by going into Test Mode and setting Fine Adjust Mode to display in the menu.

Here’s how to add the menu item:

1. While the machine is OFF, press and hold the left and right adjust buttons (for drum 1 if you have a dual drum machine) and turn the machine ON (while holding buttons) to enter TEST MODE.

2. Within Test Mode, find the Number for the setting “Fine Adjustment Button Display Control” -- for many machines, it is No. 0168. (See the Technical Manual for your machine, if you can get access to one. Or scroll through the options under System/CTRL option until you see it.)

3. Select that and hit START button (like you’re going to make a print), to enter the editing settings for it -- then enter 1 so that the option is turned on, and hit START button again to save. Then hit the STOP button.

4. Now you’ve returned to the main screen of test mode - turn the machine OFF, then back on again in regular mode.

5. This should have added a new “Fine Adjust mode” button to the Functions menu. The option has probably appeared in some random place within the array of buttons in the Functions menu, so search for it to confirm it is there.

How to use Fine Adjust Mode while printing:

1. Go into the Functions menu and turn on Fine Adjust Mode in that menu. (While in regular printing mode -- not Test Mode anymore.)

2. Hit it to turn on, just like turning on Interval.

3. Now it should switch to mm and each button push will be 0.1mm (if fine adjust mode is off, each button push will be 0.5mm). Print and register your prints with more ease.

You need to turn on Fine Adjust Mode each time you turn on the machine.


This tutorial was typed up by Amelia Greenhall (ANEMONE) based on a lesson from Travis Shaffer (There There Now) -- please edit and improve, or correct any errors!