Team Trident Press

Team Trident Press is RISO publisher and DIY print service in Manchester publishing small editions, poetry, photography and illustration. We are dedicated to eco-friendly printing and run community workshops in bookbinding and zine making. 

Get in touch if you would like to request a quote, discuss a project or organise a risograph workshop for yourself or a group.

At Team Trident Press are printing with a RISO EZ570 duplicator with six spot colours; Black, Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow, Marine Red & Fluorescent Orange & Green. All our inks are based on soy and rice oil which makes them kind to the earth and their mixing qualities an interesting creative tool.

Not sure what RISO is all about? We’re happy to talk you through what’s possible and give guidance on file set-up and design. Contact us for your print needs up to A3 size. 

Popular items we print are flyers, business cards, zines, menus, risograph art prints, greetings cards and newsletters. Need a quote? Use our online form and we’ll be in touch.

We’re looking forward to hear from you, Lisa (she/her)

IG. @teamtridentpress
call. +44 (0) 777 01 51 168
email. [email protected]
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