Silly Gooze Editions

Welcome to Silly Gooze Editions where we blend tradition with rebellion, to create, unique art that speaks volumes.

Our name takes inspiration from printmaking ‘wayzegoose’ celebrations. A wayzegoose is a centuries-old tradition where printers and workers come together for a festive gathering, typically held in late summer. The purpose was to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the season when printing by candlelight would become necessary due to shorter daylight hours. 

Today, wayzgoose events often include food, games, live music, demonstrations, and the production of a keepsake or printed material to commemorate the occasion. In other words, a time to celebrate print, share knowledge, and strengthen friendships - all of which we aim to do throughout the year at Silly Gooze Editions!

Our logo and mascot goose come from the ‘Be Gay Do Crime’ goose meme, which originated in LGBTQIA+ and activist communities, who adopted the goose from ‘Untitled Goose Game’ to humorously and playfully challenge societal norms and expectations. The phrase encourages embracing one's identity and expressing oneself authentically, even if it means defying conventional rules or norms, i.e., “If love is a crime, then I want to commit it.” Although in this case, our goose wields their own print pallet knife! 

Our founder Dylan Fox, has experienced first-hand the discrimination faced by LGBTQIA+ people and has worked tirelessly within his own artistic practice to challenge societal norms in this area. Therefore, Silly Gooze Editions is committed to this cause just as passionately. One of our core aims is to champion the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent people via printmaking.

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