Oddities Prints

We offer full risograph, silkscreen, letterpress and design services for any project from limited-edition print runs to large production suites. Though we specialize in these old school methods, we can also see your creative project through any digitally printed or web-based output. Here's a quick rundown of cool items we frequently produce:

Record Jackets / T-shirts / Apparel / Zines / Booklets / Artist Editions / Tote Bags / Hats / School Wear / Posters / Flyers / Business Cards / Handbills / Envelopes / Take-out menus / Brochures / Invitations / Announcements / Coasters / Logos / Custom Illustrations / Curated Print Editions

We've got a lot of handy RISO information for YOU at odditiesprints.com/risograph or give us a call at 816.866.1ODD (816.866.1633). We're on press with VERY COOL work on the daily, and print for artists / entities locally, nationally & internationally :-)

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