North, South, East, West

NSEW (North, South, East, West)

NSEW was a small publisher producing postcards, artist books, and other unique items out of Oslo, Norway. Founded in January 2011 in Brooklyn, New York.

Our mission is to pair great ideas + imagery with available and easily obtained materials to make objects that are quality and affordable. We publish in small editions and take pride in attention to detail and special touches. In addition to these basic principles of production, we often collaborate with the artists we publish—with everything from content generation to editing, layout, printing choices, etc. Over the last four years we have worked with many artists both in Scandinavia and abroad, as well as attended art book fairs, given lectures, and held workshops.

NSEW was Jessica Williams + a rotating cast of close collaborators. From 2012 this has included: Espen Friberg, Mylinh Nguyen, Camilla Skibrek, and Rolf Holmberg. All of our editions are marked with the artist's coordinates. These were ours: 59° 54' N / 10° 46' E

Jessica's new project: Hverdag Books

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