NEUTRAL COLORS is an independent publisher, it is also the name of the magazine it publishes, as well as the name of the bookbinding company. The three are organically connected. The publishing style of NEUTRAL COLORS is to have a small group of people getting together to handle everything from printing, and binding to distribution. We aim to create an economically sustainable medium-scale publishing company that is somewhere between mass commercial printing and small-volume independent printing. (Approximately 5000 copies for magazines / 300–1000copies for Books and Art books)

Our printing and bookbinding facility “NEUTRAL COLORS” is a place where a small number of people can gather as needed to create books. It is equipped with a full range of printing and binding equipment, including risographs, binding, cutting, folding, and collating machines, NEUTRAL COLORS' publications are born here. Furthermore, this place does not exist only for the practical role of book production. It is a laboratory where design and editorial ideas are continuously layered, and it functions as a kind of free port-like place where production methods and sales methods are open.

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