Monstro dos Mares

Monstro dos Mares, a small anarchy-inspired editorial collective located in the countryside of the state of Paraná, Brazil.

Printing from home, with the aim of distributing and strengthening the dissemination of radical ideas, the collective brings together a spectrum of experiences that highlight the importance of autonomy and free cooperation between people and collectives who share the same principles and ethics. When producing a new title or retrieving and circulating an issue from the old times, we learn a lot about technological appropriation and the need for ink on paper. We also realize the urgency of developing survival strategies and maintenance of our collective spaces, which many times benefit directly from the distribution, sale and circulation of printed material. In addition, obviously, we learn about contributing to the learning process and the mobilization of the people who, like us, are united in social struggles alongside those from below.

Monstro dos Mares came out of deep waters to make way for the emerging of new publishers, publishing collectives, distros and small bookstalls. When those initiatives dawn over the horizon, our feelings to create, retrieve, mobilize and diffuse radical and dissident thinking in printed form is a direct action for dealing with the big capital, the constant authoritarian law, labor deterioration and environmental destruction. This isn’t a task closed in on itself, but one that is merged with open arms within the struggle. All this while trying not to ignore the subjectivities that constitute ourselves as entities, which unites us as collectivities. When a new anarchist publisher emerges, we breathe in new air and blow the sails.

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