Melo Melo Print

Melo Melo Print is probably the smallest Risography printing studio on 5 sqm. in Berlin. A collaborative, founded in 2019 by the artists Thomas Monses and Maki Shimizu. Our primary focus is on art prints and providing printing service with high quality results. We accompany artists from preparing their own (digital) printing footage, choosing edition and paper; providing all the necessary technical support to get your prints on track. We strive to implement artistic ideas in the best possible way and look forward to collaborate with artists from all around the world.

In early 2020 we upgraded to a GR 3770 Risograph with an SC7700 RIP. But we also still work with our two older GR 3750 Risographs, of which one has a digital interface (RIP SC 7000). So you can either work with hard copies or digital files. We can offer 12 different colors and stock a small range of papers in various grammages between 90grs and 270grs. Printing on your own favourite paper is also possible, if it is suitable for our machines. If you are interested in printing with us, feel free to contact us for a visit. We can make you a non-binding offer for your each, personal and individual project.

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