East City Art Press

East City Art is DC’s visual arts publication of record. Since its inception in 2010, East City Art, the DC region’s visual arts journal, has been an unmatched resource for thorough art reviews and artist profiles both online and in print.

East City Art publishes reviews, features and profiles. East City Art is also a source for art news in the greater DC metro area. East City Art also provides public resources in a Bulletin Board format such as event listings, artist calls, classes and artist talks. 

RISO Printing—East City Art currenly operates two machines as follows: a RISO 5450U and a RISO 5450EIIU. 

Capital Art Book Fair—East City Art's Third Edition of the Capital Art Book Fair returns to Eastern Market's North Hall on Sat. & Sun., April 5 & 6, 2025.  For more information, visit artbookfair.eastcityart.com

DC Risorpint Fair—East City Art will be inaugurating the DC Risporint Fair also at Eastern Market's North Hall on Sat. & Sun., November 23 & 24, 2024. For more information visit risoprintfair.eastcityart.com

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