Our (In the jointly formed) association Műintézet was founded in 2018, for running the community printmaking workspace called DRUKKER. Our idea is based on the obsession of creating prints in a community. Couple of ALUMNI students from the city of Pécs formed a group of creators and invited other artists, teachers, and students to join the printmaker society. We started working together in 2018, and since then we have been successfully cooperating with other local and national NGO's from various fields of activism, like housing problems, homeless caring, LMBTQI+ organisations, community development, and art educational institutions from regional and nationwide universities. We have successfully released art-zine publications, and some thematic series of handcrafted prints. We believe that we are a substantial and always growing community with various opinions, and we encourage other people and groups to behave like an active citizen and a generally responsible local resident. We try to teach and make art, spend valuable time together under the flag of collective solidarity.

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