Atto is a design consultancy based in Milan, directed by Sara Bianchi and Andrea Zambardi. We work on a wide range of project carefully curating every detail and guiding our clients through each step of the process. We are also passionate of printing and self-production, and when we decided to found our studio we would have liked to experiment with that. We tried different printing techniques, including silkscreen and letterpress, but we needed something that we could have easily matched with our studio activities. Thats why we bought a Risograph RP3505 in 2013. At that time we did not know anything about Risograph printing (and on the web there were not so many informations) but we were amazed by some graphics we saw on the internet. That means we had to experimented a lot with the machine, doing mistakes (including the purchase of an old and not really useful machine) and learning by them. At the end we learn how to handle the machine (almost), but every time we switch the Riso on we learn something new (and sometimes we go crazy with it)!

Typically we use the Riso to print posters, postcards and fanzine we had designed. But we also offer the possibility to print to other people. We host workshop at our studio, sometimes in collaborations with schools or festivals.

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